Maximizing Team Performance Online

June 28th 2022 09:00 am to 12:00 pm at LIVE ONLINE VIA ZOOM

Participants will learn both what gets in the way of teamwork, and what fosters teamwork. Exercises demonstrate how to align people around common goals, and clarify roles among team members. Through video, discussion and group exercises, attendees will practice team processes, communication and decision-making. Participants learn how to build an environment that fosters creativity from all team members. Tools are provided for soliciting feedback from their teams on how well they are performing, and each student is encouraged to create an Action Plan for improvement.

This workshop is held online via Zoom:

Computer with speakers and/or headphones
Dedicated screen for meeting time
Internet connection
Ability to download Zoom
Camera (optimal to have but not required) 
Quieter location to hear

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Members: $295.00
Non-members: $395.00